What you are doing is what true, pure love looks like. Thank you for helping and loving in a very special and unique way. God bless you.

Joe LeFever

I got my Zoë band the other day and it looks amazing! Thanks again for your inspiring generosity and effort to help those most in need, especially in the creative and ingenious fashion you all have.


What a beautiful idea! Thank you for taking this on and allowing us to be a part of it. It is wonderful to be part of a collective dream of help for all and one day, no need to leave one's country to seek refuge.

Tania Dionisio

I am touched by your courage and swift action in getting this project happening. I am happy to join in spreading compassion for our brothers and sisters across mother earth.

Pam Porter 

Bravo!! Inspires me to do more as well. Life in the U.S. is NOT fun right now and it's great to have causes to focus on, rather than the horrible people in charge. Thank you!

Tina Villanueva

I cannot wait to receive my Zoe Band. What a great cause and now I will have a conversation piece that will promote the need for compassion and action for refugees. <3 Thank you for what you do and thanks Weebly for promoting #spreadcompassion.


Thank you for being a light in this sometimes dark world. Keep shining, we see you.


So inspired by your initiative! I will share your site through social media. I am glad I contributed by purchasing your bracelets. We need more people like you in the world!

Tori Lynn

i think what you do is important and so cool keep on keepin' on!

Amel Abada 

It's a wonderful job, I loved your idea of spreading compassion, it makes you feel your belonging to the world of humanity.

It will be more wonderful if we can help these refugees to think about small projects that allow them to make a living, and generates an income for them, it makes them feel more productive and worthy of honor and respect.

Roberta Abbott

Every aspect of what you are doing is inspiring, from the desire to help the refugees, to the assistance to the local economy, to the reusing of materials, and mostly the desire to spread a message of compassion. Well done.

Sarah Mason

I love this idea, and the bracelets are eye-catching and great conversation starters for this important conversation. But how much of the proceeds go toward refugee efforts, and how is the money spent? Also, Weebly said they are matching some portion of the purchases, but it isn't clear how much. Not knowing that information makes me a little uncomfortable with the purchase. Thank you!


I like this band & so as the idea.
Its fashionable and also helping the refugees!

Paul Reeder

I had the opportunity to meet Xander at dinner while he was here at Ohio State to speak to students and found him to be a generous, caring and completely accessible to these young entrepreneurs. When I mentioned my interest and support for his refugee aid efforts, he took his zoe band off and put it on my wrist. This was a simple and powerful gesture of his grace. I will looks for ways to spread this message and support your efforts.