Projects You Can Lead!

The refugee crisis can feel discouragingly large and complex. However, when you dive into it, you find it to be filled with many small projects that can be easily funded and completed. You can lead one of those projects!

How do you lead a Zoë Band project?

  1. Look at the list of potential projects below and find one you would like to lead.
  2. Email to let us know what project you want to lead. If you don't see a project you like, still reach out. We'll find something right for you. If you're feeling ambitious, you can set your own goal in terms of sales $$$ you think you can generate.
  3. We'll send you a personalized discount code that saves 10% and some information about your specific project.
  4. 50% of the sales revenue produced using your discount code go towards your project!
  5. You will receive personal acknowledgement via social media from us and our partner organizations when your project is funded and completed!

These projects are often easily accomplished by asking the members of your church, school, university, company, etc, to purchase one bracelet each with your code.

If you feel you can sell enough bands to take on a bigger project than those listed below... great! Please reach out and we'll find something amazing for you to nuild with us.

IMPORTANT: If you're using your mobile device, hold it sideways to properly view the spreadsheet below.

  Project Description

Buy Blankets

Blankets have never been more necessary as winter approaches.
Provide Children with Warm Clothing Warmth is key to survival. You'll be ensuring children can comfortably get through winter.

Buy Warm Sleeping bags 

Provide families with the sleeping bags they need to survive the winter.
Provide Winter-Ready Tents Provide families with tents that will allow them to survive the upcoming winter.
Build a Library Allow people to mentally escape the camps with books written in their own languages.
Launch a Fishing Program  Provide a program that simultaneously allows for a daily hobby and a means to feed oneself. 
Buy Solar Panels The solar panels will be used to produce hot water.
Buy Space Heaters The space heaters will be used to keep the women and children of the Hope and Peace center warm during the sinter time.
Provide Bed Sets Provide entire famlies with new mattress, pillow and sheets to sleep with.
Launch a sewing program The amazing Drop in the Ocean NGO will lead a program once they have the sewing machines.
Provide Loud Speakers This loud speaker system will allow the camp to organize faster for both emergency and non-emergency situations.
Build a Gym This outdoor workout station will provide an outlet for built up tension.