Our Projects

The refugee crisis can feel discouragingly large and complex. However, when you dive into it, you find it to be filled with many small projects that can be easily funded and completed.

We partner with grassroots organizations and camp directors on the ground to ensure we are servicing real needs.

We buy all our aid locally to catalyze harmony between the Greek hosts and asylum seekers. 


Current Projects

Tents for the Hope and Peace Center

Discount Code: TENTS
Mission: Buy 300 tents for women and children to sleep inside the warehouse of the Hope and Peace center during the winter.
Cost: $15,000
Why is it Important?: There are hundreds of families sleeping outside of the Moria refugee camp. Bringing them inside is crucial. Team Humanity has a warehouse within their Hope and Peace center they can place the tents. 
Partner: Salam Aldeen, Team Humanity founder
Recognition Opportunity: When you purchase our Black Band using the TENTS discount code, we will name the theatre after you and will post a personal thank you message from Salam and the children of his Hope and Peace Center!

The Strollers for Newborns

Discount Code: STROLLERS
Mission: Purchase strollers for the newborns within the Kara Tepe refugee camp
Cost: $4,000
Why is it Important?: The strollers will provide new parents with a necessary resource, as the walk into town and stores is more than a mile. The strollers restore mobility, dignity and comfort.
Partner: Stavros Mirogiannis, Camp Director at Kara Tepe
Recognition Opportunity When you purchase our Black Band using the STROLLERS discount code, you'll receive a personal acknowledgment from camp director Stavros Mirogiannis in a video posted to our social media accounts!

A New Children's School 

Discount Code: SCHOOL
Mission:  Build a school for the children of Moria; buy containers, desks, tablets and other materials.
Cost: $20,000
Why is it Important:  This school will allow children to continue their primary education, ensuring they can integrate with classmates when they receive asylum. The container will also double as a safe space for new borns on cold nights.
Partners:  Glenn Richard, Drop in the Ocean & Salam Aldeen, Team Humanity
Recognition OpportunityWhen you purchase our Black Band using the SCHOOL discount code, you'll have a building named after you and receive personal recognition from Glenn Richard & Salam Aldeen in a thank you video posted to our social media accounts! 

Past Projects

Our past projects have included, among many things, the furnishing of 20 bedrooms at the Kara Tepe camp, delivering 3,000 sleeping bags to the refugees of Moria, purchasing motorized wheelchairs for the extremely handicapped and injured, putting WiFi up at the Moria camp, and buying lots and lots of clothing, especially children's clothing.