The Statistics Backing Up the Crisis in Syria

In March of 2011, the Syrian civil war began. The years that have followed left the nation broken, in a state of poverty, and has forced more than 6 million individuals to flee their homeland for safety. This is the largest refugee crisis that our world has seen, and it’s only growing. There are still thousands of individuals that are registering as refugees whose needs have yet to be accounted for.

Zoë Bands Recognizes the Problem

Zoë Bands has seen this problem up close and it immediately became personal. We recognized the dire need to find a way to help. This is where our Zoë Bands awareness bracelets came into play. We have created a few different bracelets that are made from life jackets that were worn by Syrian refugees on their journey to safety. The proceeds that we make go towards providing resources and assistance to help refugees in need.

Numbers to Back up the Issue

If you haven’t taken note of how serious this crisis is, it’s time to open your eyes and see just how many people are suffering right now. As fellow humans, we need to do our part in ensuring that these people are taken care of and safe. Below are some of the statistics that lead us to this pathway and changed our hearts for the better.

Refugees Flee for Help

The conditions of Syria have changed drastically over the time period of this civil war, and in desperate need to seek out safety, more than 6 million people have fled to different countries in hope of surviving. Of these 6 million, 48 percent are children. A majority of these refugees have been separated from their families, lost their homes, friends, and access to basic living necessities.

In 2018, the estimated amount of funding to provide emergency support and stability to these refugees was $5.6 billion. As of August, only 37 percent of this has been raised. Remember, this only includes the refugees that have been registered and does not include the thousands that are still fighting for their safety.

Where Refugees Have Fled

Given the large number of individuals that have fled for safety, it goes without saying that it took a variety of host countries to provide enough space for all 6 million people. As of the end of 2017, refugees were found in the following countries. We’ve made sure to include the number of refugees that are registered in these countries, as well as how many of them are children, so that you can truly sense the severity of this crisis.

  • Turkey
    • 2,992,567 refugees
    • 1,732,815 of those are children
  • Lebanon
    • 1,011,366 refugees
    • 732,229 of those are children
  • Jordan
    • 659,828 refugees
    • 436,905 of those are children
  • Iraq
    • 122,228 refugees
    • 65,003 of those are children
  • Egypt
    • 122,228 refugees
    • 65,003 of those are children
  • North Africa
    • 30,104
    • The number of children is unknown.
  • Germany
    • 494,227
    • The number of children is unknown.
  • Sweden
    • 111,216
    • The number of children is unknown.
  • Canada
    • 40,081
    • The number of children is unknown.
  • United States
    • 18,007
    • The number of children is unknown.

Contact Our Team

If you have any questions regarding the statistics above, the Zoe Brand awareness bracelets, or the like, feel free to contact our team. This is a problem that is close to our hearts and has moved us to make a difference. We hope that you’ll lend a hand in providing care for the Syrian refugees in need.

This data was compiled from statistics provided by Al-Jazeera, an Arab news company, and Mercy Corps, an organization collecting donations for Syrian refugees.