Our Costs

After receiving several justifiable inquiries about exactly how much money is being used to purchase aid for refugees, we thought it would be best to put it in writing for reference.

Each Zoë Band costs us about $4.50 to make (Lesvos labor and materials) and have shipped to us. We also take a $3 hit when we ship each band to our customers (on top of what you pay for shipping) bringing a total cost per band to $7.50.

Zoë (my wife) and I don’t take any fees or salary, so those are our only expenses. All profit is used to purchase aid for refugees. Simply subtract $7.50 per band you purchase to find out what amount is going towards purchasing aid for refugees. Our local partners buy and drop off the aid at refugee camps after speaking with camp organizers (The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders) about what is needed.

The way we see it, even that $7.50 is well spent. $4.50 provides work for a Greek community that has shown nothing but kindness to their displaced neighbors amid an economic crisis. $3 is spent getting the band to you, who then acts as an ambassador for positive change and compassion, spreading the story of these people who need our help!